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Australia is the most popular destination for immigrant where they could find their new home. For the past few years, Australia has been in the top search for many of the aspirant immigrants. Australia as a country has better career opportunities, high standard of living, clean strategic environment, diversity of education etc. it is certainly can be considered to be the best promising country to live, study and do business. This are some sole reasons for which mostly Indians are flocking to this country.

Why to select Australia as your Immigration destination:
  • Serenity that is beyond Imagination
  • High Employment growth
  • Numerous career opportunities
  • Standard of living is quite high
  • A vivid culture to live with
  • Flexible immigration rule
Permanent Residency Australia: How to apply for it?

Australia permanent residence visa – allows people across the world to enter, settle permanently in Australia and get benefits like as Australians. Australia is a country has also been demanding for a large number of skilled professionals and has been entreating aspiring immigrants to immigrate under PR. Australia has been considered as the best country to apply for permanent residence visa. It has designed various visa categories two of a permanent residency to the state candidates.

Australia skilled visa categories are as follows-
  • Skilled independent visa (subclasses 189)
  • Skilled dependent visa (subclasses 190)
  • Skilled regional visa (subclasses 489)

Skilled independent visa is the visa category tablet for doors aspirant skilled immigrants who does not have any sponsor from the employers, states, territories or any family members in Australia. The selection for this category of visa is solely done on the basis of one’s skills, experiences and the score one attains.

Skilled dependent visas are granted to doors individual migrants who has States nomination states nomination from Australia states and territories. This subclass has also got its own point based system to select individual candidates.

Skilled regional visas are the temporary visa for those applicants, whose skills, experience and abilities are well in demand.

This above categories of visas are available to individuals who are qualified to work or train skill occupation Australia and who can meet the other requirements of Australia Government.

The occupational list has been introduced by the Australian government are reviewed regularly by the department of jobs and small business to ensure their responsiveness two changes in the Australian labor market and regional variation across Australia.

Key benefits of permanent residence (PR) in Australia.

The rights and the privileges that is brought about Australia PR are as followed –

  • You can live and work in Australia indefinitely.
  • Once you have the Australia PR, you are allowed to leave and enter Australia.
  • You can sponsor your relative to Australia.
  • Your child Bond inside Australia would be considered as Australian citizen by birth.
  • Earn in dollars.
  • Free education and medical benefits.
Australia PR requirements.

As already conveyed, Australia has got a point is system for immigration. The process to get PR in Australia is a mix of both offline and online processes. Let us have a look on the basic requirement to apply for Australia PR –

  • Arrange documents – list of all we have to arrange for the key documents should be required for the processing. Apart from the routine travel and educational documents we will be requiring two most important documents, that is – * IELTS exam report, which is a English language test proficiency exam. * Skill assessment report, which again we can get from the Australian authority.
  • Choose appropriate visa category – there are three most important visa categories through which a skilled individual can immigrate. The most common categories for PR visa are subclass 189, subclass 190 and subclass 489. Among this a person, individual has to choose right category of visa for himself.
  • Select on occupation – the Government of Australia listed out various occupation which are in demand in Australia. One should know and select his occupation from the list of occupation that has been introduced by the government.
  • Apply in point based system – the Australia Government also led out a specific category of point based system. In accordance to this system an individual has to gain at least 65 points to apply through the system. However, highest point score will certainly boost the chances of securing invitation to apply for the visa.
  • Health and character requirements – an individual has also to meet the health and character requirements. A person has to be morally sound, good in character and has to be medically fit. A person also has to submit relevant documents in respective of the same.
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