Austria Immigration


Austria Immigration comprises 9 provinces which makes it a federal state among European countries. Each province in this federal state has its individual capital. It shares the borderline with countries like Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia.

As for the people living in Austria, the climate is highly moderate. People witness hot summers and moderately cold winters. There is also a central Alpine Area that witnesses long and cold winters. High snowfall is usually a common factor there.

Therefore, if you are planning to immigrate to Austria then it could be a good place to settle down for career opportunities. Like, overseas countries, immigration to Austria is also possible. People can choose from temporary to permanent settlement there.


  • High satisfaction rate in terms of enjoyment, employment, etc.
  • Nearby to most of the European countries like Geneva, Rome, and Prague
  • Availability of low-cost luxury
  • Highly secure banking options


Depending upon the present citizenship of a person, the process of granting permanent residency in Austria may differ. People from different regions and countries form different groups. For each group, process and guidelines may differ.

Note: Although knowing the German language isn’t mandatory however, there are many forms and information which are majorly written in German.


Immigration can be of different types. Check the list below for your reference.

  • EU citizens and their family moving from one region to other EU region
  • Non-permanent immigration
  • Permanent immigration
  • Becoming residence for a fixed time period

Apart from the above mentioned, if someone is a high skill and is moving for his employment then they are granted other types of immigration permits.


  • European Union Blue Card: It EU-approved work permit that governs employment in European countries. They only allow highly skilled workers (citizens) from non-European Union Countries to stay and work.
  • Employment Permit and Settlement Permit: This is a type of work permit that allows you to settle in the country for both, temporary as well as a permanent settlement. You have to give a set of documents before you actually migrate to this country. This permit is the governing factor for both EU and non-EU citizens.
  • Red-White-Red (RWR) card: This card is valid for a period of 12 months. The designated holder can only stay in Austria for the designated time period in purpose to his employment.

Let’s talk about Austria Red White Red Card more in detail.

First understand more about Austria RWR Card.

The job seeker visa for Austria is known as Red White Red Card. Hence it is also called in layman term as Austria Job Seeker Visa.

The main motive behind this visa is to encourage skilled professionals to migrate to Austria for the purpose of working and settling there. The visa facilitates immigrants to permanently settle in Austria along with their family members.

Details about Austria Job Seeker Visa:

If you want to build a career in Europe, then this visa is one of the best options for you. Austria Job Seeker Visa uses a point-based system for the selection and evaluation candidate’s profile. The points are given based on factors like:

  • Age
  • Educational Qualification
  • Working Experience
  • Language Proficiency
  • Studies in Austria
  • The minimum requirement for this program is 65 to 70 points.

Important details of Austria Job Seeker Visa are:

  1. It gives you the feature of finding a suitable job in Austria as per your working domain.
  2. After you have received an offer letter from an Austrian employer, you have the option of converting this visa to a Red White Red Card with the validity of 2 years.
  3. After working for an Austrian employer for 21 months on the RWR card, you can upgrade your visa by applying for RWR Card Plus. This upgraded version gives you the facility to work for any employer within Austria.
  4. You will be entitled to the medical care of Austria as well. The medical care of Austria is considered as one of the best in the world.
  5. Austria is also known for its education system as it is characterized by close cooperation between industry and education. Your children will be entitled to this world-class education as well.

Austria RWR card basic requirements:

  1. Applicant should have an equivalent educational qualification of 4 years taking into consideration the nominated occupation.
  2. At the time of application, the applicant should have a fund to suffice their stay in Austria.

What are the requirements for getting points on your profile?

  • Working experience with the relevant qualification or your designation should be or equivalent to Senior Manager.
  • To get points your age should be between 18-45 years.
  • The language requirement is that either you should have a German (A2) level or an Elementary level English certificate that is relevant to your occupation.

Some other key facts about Austria Job Seeker Visa:

  1. This visa is an excellent option for foreign immigrants who are willing to work and settle in Austria. It allows applicants to qualify under a point-based system so there is a lot of transparency in the whole process.
  2. This visa is firstly granted for 6 months as a residency permit for Austria and search for jobs.


If you are third-country national, citizens of non-EU countries then you require a six-month minimum residence permit while immigrating to Austria. The first step of the application process starts with you filing the application in your homeland.

You have to present the following documents before applying for this visa:

  • Signed passport with at least 3 months’ validity beyond the date of returning
  • Previous passports’ copies
  • Attachment of consular fees made in US $
  • Signed application form in the German Language
  • A recently shot picture
  • Birth Certificate (original copy)
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Green Card, if not a US citizen
  • Medical Certificate in proof of good health
  • Proof of financial means like a bank statement, scholarship in case of being a student, letter of grants, etc.
  • Proof of owning a property or lodging

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