Germany Immigration

Germany is one of the wealthiest and the largest country in European Union. Germany has been also denoted to be the fifth most favorable and recommended country to immigrate. This is because of the education system, living standard, economic prosperity and off course the vast employment opportunities. Germany welcomes and provide chances to people over from all the countries to immigrate to Germany.

General Requirement to Immigrate to Germany

There are several ways to immigrate to Germany. Considering every of the options people wanting to immigrate to Germany has to fulfill some of the requirements as per the immigrate modules of that country. Some of the basis eligibility criteria that one has to look upon are as follows:

Financial Stability

Immigration processes to the country has got its financial threshold which aspirant has to fulfill. When a person is looking forward to immigrate to Germany his financial stability would be judged.

Health Insurance

People trying to immigrate to Germany would be asked to do their proper health checkups. People has to have their medicals covered.

Proficiency in German Language

Generally, people who immigrate to Germany would be preferred more if they have at least the basic proficiency in the German language. But it is not at all mandate that individuals who can speak German can only migrate.

Germany Job Seeker VISA

Job Seeker VISA of Germany is a VISA which would help an individual to seek out job over there in Germany. It allows a person to stay there for 6 months within which they can search out for job themselves. Once they get the job offer they can eventually get the work permit which can be valid their stay for 4years utmost.

Benefits of Job Seeker VISA
  • Permits individuals to stay and search for job in Germany.
  • Job Offer is not required to apply for this category of VISA
  • The visa has a validity of one year.
  • Germany Job Seeker VISA paves the way to Permanent Residency VISA.
  • No Language test is required.
  • Free Education for the children.
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