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Armenia is a knowledge based economy and has got a very good reputation in the field of basic and applies research. Ranked 46th on the index of economic freedom is self explanatory of the standard of life style in Armenia.

Regarded as the heaven for students wishing to take up medical as their career, Armenia offers loads of advantages to its students. The cost of pursuing medical education is very low plus the cost of living is very low compared to other countries. Armenia has got many recognized medical universities given certificate of excellence in the field of medicines from WHO and European Union. The quality of education is very high and all colleges and universities have got very experiences staff to train its students both theoretically and practically. The mode of communication here is English so getting the insights of the subject becomes very easy for students. The best part of pursuing MBBS from Armenia is that from the second year, the students are given an opportunity to intern with top hospitals to get practical insights of the subject by working practically on latest instruments. So by the time the student completes his course they are well versed with the practical approach and hence they have better future opportunities.

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University of Traditional Medicine of Armenia

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