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Why study in France ?

Being the 5th largest economy in the world is self explanatory to why student from all across the world wish to study in France. Lush green environment adds sparkles to the state of the art infrastructure.

High quality standard of education at a reasonable price is one of the several reasons why student wish to study here. French Government is endorsing international students to come and pursue higher education which will also help the country in the long run. French Government has made the application norms very easy for international students to apply for jobs there post completion of the course. French and English are the two most spoken language here. Sharing borders with six different European countries namely Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain has opened horizons for students to apply for jobs post completion of the course. The biggest advantage of pursuing higher education from France is the work permit that is being offered to the student. The tenure of this work permit is at least 24 months. This provides a cutting edge to the CVs of the student by highlighting their international job exposure. A huge alumni association of more that=n one lacs working in top notch companies of the world is an additional advantage.

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College De Paris

88,000 students

Paris Top University

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Grains Nobles College

88,000 students

France Top University

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